Renewable Energy City Summit

    ON 13th and 14th May 2008 the SA Cities Network (SACN) convened a Summit on Renewable Energy at the Spier Conference Centre in Stellenbosch in the Cape Winelands to enable local government decision makers to consider and discuss the merits of a range of leading practices in promoting the shift to a renewable energy future. The Summit was hosted in association with the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP), SA National Energy Research Institute (SANERI), Alliance to Save Energy (ASE), Sustainable Energy Africa (SEA); and with the support of the Royal Danish Embassy, USAID and ABSA.

    Presentations and documents:

    Front Page
    Renewable Energy City Summit Programme
    Attendance list

    Session 1

    Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Programme
    Douglas Banks CV

    Session 2

    Renewable Energy:International Experience
    Wind Energy and Finance
    Integrating Wind and Hybrid Generation for Energy Security
    Becoming Green and Gold:Applying the CDM to Wind Energy
    South Africa Wind Energy Programme (SAWEP) Full Size Project
    Case Study: Wind Energy Deployment in Africa
    Cape Point (windlab)
    Case Study: Solar Water Heating
    Case Study: Integration of Solar Systems
    Case Sutdy: Janisch and Annegarn Enerkey SWH

    Session 3

    Water and Energy Efficiency in Municipalities Presentation
    Bioenergy in South African Cities
    Eastern Cape Integrated Cropping & Biofuel Development Programme
    Integrated Waste Management using Biogas Technology Spier
    Greg Austin Resumé
    Mathews Ethanol Gel Fuel Cape Town
    Van Niekerk Other technologies Introduction
    Case Sutdy: Olivier Bethlehem Hydro
    Case Sutdy: Pedersen Wave Power for the Western Cape
    Kenneth Pedersen Bio
    Case Sutdy: Realising visions
    Case studies: SWH Mass Implementation Approaches
    Case Sutdy: Reddy
    Case Sutdy: Traffic Signal Programme
    Water and Energy Efficiency in Municipalities
    Dohrman Waste to energy

    Session 4

    Financing Renewable Energy solutions through Partnerships & Borrowing
    Colin King Biography
    Chauke Funding through the fiscus
    Mbanga Local govt action summary

    Mayors’ Round Table

    Mayors’ Round Table Programme
    Presentation1: Local Government action to promote renewable energy
    Result Mayors declaration Final