Spatial Transformation of Cities Conference 2014


The Spatial Transformation of Cities Conference convened key roleplayers in the urban space economy to reflect on spatial transformation of cities using Johannesburg as a laboratory/case study. While the key policies and strategies for space-economy transformation may be understood, what does transforming urban space mean in practical terms?

The key urban spatial themes explored were:

  • Settlement planning: How do we improve decision making for settlement location and investments by both the private and public sectors, to achieve a more rational, integrated, effective and inclusive urban spatial form and function?
  • Land: How do we effectively steer and discipline land investments, and land ownership and development interventions that reflect a transformative and integrated city agenda?
  • Mobility and access: How do we think of mobility and access in a more integral manner that recognises future social and environmental costs and constraints for urban residents, as well as the strategic role of public transport investment in urban spatial transformation?
  • What are the key enablers for effective spatial literacy and decision making in the urban context that encourage the facilitation of spatial transformation as part of a longer-term time horizon of urban growth and change?

 for all the background papers, presentations, videos and reports. The full conference report can be found here..