IBSA Working Group on Human Settlement

IBSA is a trilateral arrangement between India, Brazil and South Africa aimed at promoting South-South Cooperation and exchange. A Working Group on Human Settlements (WGHS)exists under the umbrella of IBSA. That working group selected to focus on cooperation in the area of informal settlements upgrading between the three countries. The initiative is centered on joint research, on policy dialogues and on technical cooperation.

23 May 2013 First National IBSA WGHS Workshop

A range of educationists, policymakers, state practitioners, NGOs and professionals active in the field of informal settlement upgrading, were invited to share information and experiences. They focussed on their cross-country initiatives and partnerships to identify key issues and ideas about how the IBSA WGHS can support stakeholders’ interests. The workshop took place at the VC’s venues of HSRC in Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban and at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University.