Green Economy and Job Creation Seminar

A green economy provides for both current and future generations. Expanding green industries can help South African cities reinforce a weakening economy by creating new jobs while also protecting the planet from the impending climate crisis. Green jobs are just like traditional, blue-collar jobs provided that the employee is producing something green. In essence, any job that helps protect the ecosystem and biodiversity, reduces water, energy, and material consumption, reduces carbon emissions, and minimizes waste generation can be considered a green-collar job.

While programmes and principles promoting green industries have become commonplace throughout more developed countries, it remains an unfamiliar idea in developing countries. As a leader in Africa, it is essential that South African cities promote ideas of sustainability. Luckily, sustainability generates jobs. Any and all green economic programmes adopted by South African cities would be incredibly innovative and laudable. In particular, cities should encourage job growth in the following sectors: agriculture, building and construction, energy, industry and manufacturing, transport, waste management and recycling.

Guy Preston: Sustainable Cities and Jobs 
African Carbon Trust: The Role of Policy in Creating Green Jobs
Errol Douwes: Green Jobs
Mabule Mokhine: Creating Green Jobs from Waste Discard