EPWP Reference Group

In 2004, the SACN Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) Reference Group was established in collaboration with the Department of Public Works (DPW). The relationship between the SACN and the DPW has been instrumental in mobilising the SACN member cities to contribute towards creating employment as part of the EPWP. Since then, the EPWP has established itself as a key programme in all of the member cities.

The reference group consists of the key officials in the cities who are responsible for the implementation of the EPWP in their respective cities. Reference group meetings are held regularly and provide a valuable forum where the national department can interact with the member cities to discuss a range of issues relevant to implementing the EPWP in the cities.

The focus of these engagements ranges from the sharing of information and best practices to discussing how specific challenges could be collectively resolved. The continued existence of the reference group demonstrates its relevance and usefulness to participants.