State of Cities Report Reference Group

The State of the Cities Report (SoCR), the flagship knowledge product of the SACN, is produced every five years, in line with the local government electoral cycle. An SoCR Reference Group (SRG) is convened for each edition of the report to oversee the project.

The SRG is typically composed of a small group of individuals with an extensive interest and significant expertise in urban development and urban management issues. This committee acts as the principle editorial committee and serves as a sub-committee to the SACN Board of Directors, and is chaired by an assigned Board Champion (typically, a City Mayor). Its broad aim is to provide intellectual and strategic guidance to the SoCR project. As such, its purpose is to engage with the content and key messaging of the report, and to take ownership of the process and product, by advising and directing the SACN Board and SoCR management team.

Towards this aim, the SRG’s task is anticipated to include the following key functions:

  • To act as the advisory function and facilitation interface between the Board and the Secretariat / management team on the project, to ensure alignment on the project’s requirements and performance, both strategic and operational.
  • To provide guidance and steering to the SoCR management team, including reviewing and refining the SoCR analytical framework and evidence-base; and
  • To act as the editorial and quality oversight structure, overseeing, informing and verifying research outputs in the development and review process.