State of City Finances Reporting

The State of City Finances is aimed at creating and disseminating knowledge on financial matters specifically relating to cities. The reports are published bi-annually and outline some of the key trends and state of member city finances, using data obtained from various sources including the cities' annual financial statements.

  • State of City Finances. Under the theme of Basics + Innovation, the report calls upon cities to address gaps and inefficiencies in the current system, while keeping a close eye on the complexity of their future role. It considers the need to rethink how cities are financed and funded, so that they are able to drive important agendas, such as green growth, the provision of sustainable human settlements and improved mobility through affordable and integrated public transport.


Analysis of City Finances 2003 to 2008 Report (draft). This is an update of the analysis done of the cities between 2003 and 2008, as part of the State of City Finances Report 2008.