• Rural-Urban Interdependencies

Rural-Urban Interdependencies

Urban development and rural development can no longer be viewed as completely distinct. Rural and urban economies need to be analysed as a united whole, and development planners and policy makers must increasingly think of the impact of their development interventions in ways that are more integrated. This research area focuses on the implication of urban-rural linkages on spatial planning and governance of urban spaces.



Rural-Urban Linkages papers:

  • Agro-food Value Chain. An assessment of South Africa’s urban and rural agro-food value chains and their interdependencies.

Rural-Urban Linkages papers:

  • Tourism. This study uses the lens of the tourism sector to show the linkages and connectivities between urban and rural environments through spatial and sectoral flows.
  • Planning and Governance Challenges of Cities with Extensive Rural Geographies. Research into the challenges faced by three metropolitan municipalities with extensive rural geographies: Buffalo City, eThekwini and Tshwane.
  • Social Value Chains. The study looks at seven areas located along the north-eastern migration corridor into Tshwane metro, to understand rural social value chains.