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The 2006 State of the Cities Report provides a qualitative and quantitative analysis of South Africa’s largest cities, highlighting the important role played by cities in driving the national economy and improving lives. It analyses the trends that have affected urban development from 2000, and looks at what the various cities have achieved during the first local government term of office under a new municipal dispensation (following the Local Government White Paper, the Municipal Structures Act and the Municipal Systems Act).

The 2006 State of the Cities Report delivers a positive message about the growth potential of South Africa’s cities, and provides a wealth of data and analysis to support the myriad of stakeholders who shape and build the cities of the future.




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The 2004 State of the Cities Report – the first of its kind – takes a hard look at the forces that have transformed the country’s largest cities since 1994 and asks what can cities expect should the current trends continue.

The report analyses key trends that affect the cities, how these trends are likely to evolve over time and what challenges and opportunities will arise.
It assesses how city stakeholders are responding to these winds of change and acknowledges the important efforts that city leaders and decision makers are already making. Finally, it speculates on how various trends may unfold, and the likely medium to longer-term outcome.


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