The Post Conference Thematic Workshops:

1. Partnering - Western Cape (EDP): This workshop is convened by CSP to get your input on the draft of Cities Partnering Framework and will be facilitated by EDP. The CSP recognises the need for improved partnering and collaboration capabilities at a city level and has approached the Western Cape Economic Development Partnership (EDP) to develop high-level partnering framework for cities.

2. Making Civic Tech work in Cities: Cities are increasing looking to develop digital tools to engage with, gather information from or communicate with their citizens. But much of the 'smart cities' hype has led to disappointment in execution. This workshop will offer an evidence-based method for selecting or developing appropriate technologies. It is aimed at managers with or without technical knowledge.

3. Long-Term Financial Planning and Strategies: National Treasury

4. Participatory safety planning for crime and violence prevention: Participants will learn about the "toolkit for participatory safety planning", which is a compilation of methods of work with communities on safety related topics. The training's facilitator will guide participants in exploring the use of the "toolkit" for doing safety audits and explain specific methodologies for involving communities - especially more vulnerable groups such as women and youth.

The session will demonstrate on how to practically work on safety planning in urban areas. Additionally, participants will have time to reflect how to best make use of the "toolkit" (eg. supporting work of Community Safety Forum (CSF), collecting data on safety for future integration of safety in IDPs).

5. Imagining your urban futures: Leave your "present" at the door: This session will start with a presentation on "futuring", and how it can be effectively utilised for planning and shaping South African cities. This will be followed by a game called "Things from the future" which aims at expanding attendee's thinking about their cities' future possibilities. This game will encourage participants to 'try-on' multiple perspectives and will elicit positive and negative futures for participants to collectively reflect upon. The workshop will close with reflections on how the IUDF might be leveraged to achieve better futures and avoid negative scenarios, as well as identifying a number of actions to prioritise in approaching these futures.

6. National Spatial Development Framework - NSDF: Present the technical background and proposals towards the National Spatial Development Framework for South Africa and provide an opportunity for stakeholders to contribute and enhance the content.