Africa Studies

In partnership with NGO Khanya-African Institute of Community-Driven Development (Khanya-aicdd), the SACN is purusing a programme to understand and strengthen participatory planning approaches in diverse politico-administrative contexts. It is intended to reflect on the experience of Khanya-aicdd in developing and implementing community-based planning (CBP) approaches and tools across the African continent.



(Forthcoming). This year focuses on examining these experiences further to: i) gain a better understanding of current participatory planning practices and the outcomes of such processes, and ii) develop and pilot a framework for scaling-up the successful learnings / models to other municipalities in South Africa, as well as set the tone for further investigations across the African continent.


The focus was studying the experience and track record in different countries in which CBP has been implemented, comparing CBP-type approaches within the legislative and institutional contexts of South Africa, Nigeria, Uganda, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Ethiopia.