State of South African Cities People’s Guide 2021

The South African Cities Network has been generating State of Cities Reports (SoCRs) since 2004, presenting five-year perspectives on the performance of and conditions in South Africa’s largest cities.

As an accompaniment to the State of Cities Report 2021, SACN has produced the People’s Guide.

The 2021 People’s Guide advocates for a need for a people-centred approach to development at all times as South African cities continually strive to be safe, livable, socially integrated and economically inclusive with an active citizenry. The Guide is a rallying call to action for all sectors of society – from the youth, business, Community Based Organizations (CBOs) and faith groups of all denominations in our communities, neighbourhoods and cities – to be active participants in the growth and development of South African cities.

The broader aim of the People’s Guide is to empower the public with knowledge supporting their participation in urban development. It succinctly communicates important information and messages from the 2021 State of Cities Report.

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