Markets of Warwick

Markets of Warwick

The Markets of Warwick Tours gives everyone the opportunity to explore this vibrant and integral part of Durban. The tours also allow for traders to sell their merchandise and share the energy of their markets with others.


“These tours are made possible through the assistance of an NGO, Asiye eTafuleni, and demonstrate how local informal workers can be successfully incorporated into urban spaces, benefiting not only the informal workers and their livelihoods, but the local tourism industry as well and until today remains a great success story.”


This Good Hood Story celebrates human resilience, by allowing all to partake in enjoying our diversity!


Thanks to Chantal Nicole Froneman for the submission!


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eThekwini Municipality


Asiye eTafuleni, The Tourism Board, and WIEGO (Women in the Informal Economy: Globalising & Organising)