Housing Subsidy Assets: Exploring the Performance of Government Subsidised Housing in South Africa

FinMark Trust has appointed Shisaka Development Management Services to undertake research into the extent to which the housing subsidy programme has translated into a housing asset benefit for beneficiary households. FinMark seeks to understand what this means in real terms for the households concerned and the communities in which they live. In addition to identify whether there are stumbling blocks that prevent or limit the performance of these assets. The objectives of the study are to:


  • Track the performance of the government subsidised housing asset as demonstrated through formally registered transactions, and to consider the impact this has had on subsidy beneficiaries.
  • Test this analysis against the impressions of current occupants, and to understand the other ways in which housing performs as an asset for its residents.
  • Understand the role of other factors (finance, municipal investment, job creation, social capital, community development, and so on) in enhancing this performance.
  • Develop policy recommendations (national, provincial and local) to overcome identified barriers and improve the potential for housing asset performance.
  • Communicate this experience widely.