Productuve city

Productive Cities

Can local conomies provide residents with a means of earning a reasonable living?

City Development Strategy

City Development Strategy

What is the best way to help cities grow their economies, reduce poverty, tackle urbanisation and deliver good governance?


Well-Governed Cities

Are the political and institutional structures stable? Do the decision-making processes include all concerned in a pro-active way? Are the institutions of governing carefully monitored?

Inclusive city

Inclusive Cities

Do residents have the opportunities to share equitably in the social benefits of city life? Are cities addressing the legacy of segregation?

Sustainable city

Sustainable Cities

How does the city impact on the limited reserve of non-renewable resources that sustain the settlement and make it viable?

  1. Productive Cities
  2. City Development Strategy
  3. Well-Governed Cities
  4. Inclusive Cities
  5. Sustainable Cities
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"Strong city economies provide jobs and incomes to raise the living standards of citizens and to improve the stability and cohesion of communities. They boost the tax base to fund better public services and generate the resources to support household remittances and state transfers to poorer regions. Strong city economies also promote productivity growth and innovation, partly because they contain the shared services, infrastructure, institutions and social amenities to attract investment, enterprises and skills."

State of the Cities Report 2011


Tenders & proposals

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Request for Proposals: Content coordination and production of awareness raising material for climate change and sustainability/ green economy in the City of Tshwane
Close date: Friday, 30 May 2014
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Call for proposals: Understanding skills and capacity requirements to effectively plan and manage integrated rapid public transport networks
Closing date: Wednesday, 16 April 2014
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Call for proposals:Regulatory framework to promote energy efficiency in municipalities
Closing date: Friday, 04 April 2014
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Call for technical papers: Financial implications of transitioning to a green economy and adoption of climate action for cities
Closing date: Friday, 04 April 2014
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Previous tenders and proposals