INFORMED by the findings of the State of the Cities Report (2011) and the 2012-2016 SACN Strategic Plan which has been approved by the SACN Board, the following priorities have been identified for the current strategic period:


  • Enable cities to act with a better understanding by enhancing their
    supporting urban development policy, planning, data and support
  • Transform the built environment function in cities, in particular by enabling effective strategies and systems for addressing spatial planning and land use, sustainable human settlements, and public transport;
  • Deal decisively with key vulnerabilities facing cities, in particular around issues of the natural resource base, municipal finance, human capacity in city administration, and socio-political stability;
  • Improve the image of Local Government by improving the experience and perception of city governance and delivery; and
  • Enhance the impact of SACN’s knowledge products by delivering and measuring value to policy-makers and practitioners.

2016-2021 Strategic Business Plan

2017-2021 Strategic Framework Overview

2020-2021 Strategic Business Plan

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2012-2016 Strategic Plan Executive Summary

2012-2016 Strategic Framework Overview

2012-2016 Strategic Business Plan