URBAN FESTIVAL will see important and relevant conversations that address the issues facing cities. Be part of the range of diverse voices working to build better cities and join these conversations and engaging masterclasses.

Here is a sampling of just some of the panels and conversations that will take place at URBAN FESTIVAL 2022

The importance of cities for the world’s development is undeniable. The sustainable development of cities depends amongst other things on good governance. This session will be a discussion with city mayors on building and increasing effective urban governance in South African Cities.

The local government funding structure in South Africa has flaws that have been exposed by the drastically worsened prognosis for the country’s economy during the past five years and the effects of COVID on the economy. According to the State of City Finances study, cities are under severe financial strain. Grant income has decreased as a result of national government austerity measures, while city borrowing has become more onerous and expensive as a result of national credit rating downgrades.

It is estimated that over the next three decades, South Africa will require at least US$250 billion to transform the energy system alone with about US$10 billion allocated to support workers and communities in the transition. This session will focus on how a consensus can be forged among all-of society to ensure investors are attracted to fund a just and equitable transition.

Achieving data-driven decision-making in cities has been hampered by several factors, including the lack of data governance, transparency, human resources, and leadership will. The SACN has not only sought to address these challenges but also developed data points and indicators that will enable cities to make informed data-influenced decisions and learn from each other. A conversation on the challenges and opportunities for cities to harness the latest technologies and improve relevant data and information.

Masterclasses at URBAN FESTIVAL are open to all – learn from the best as they address the burning questions of urban development.


                      • Why Spatial Transformation cannot be achieved only by government
                      • All-of-Society approach to the Just-Transition
                      • Creating Capability in Cities
                      • Nothing small about SMMEs
                      • City branding and its importance in the development of cities


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The Empire Conference and Events Venue – 16 Empire Road, Parktown, Johannesburg, 2193.