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Inclusive cities

An inclusive city offers all its citizens a decent quality of life: access to job opportunities, a safe and secure environment, clean water, healthcare and education, as well as recreational activities.


Inclusive South African cities should provide opportunities for all city dwellers to share in the social and economic opportunities and resources of city life. 

Focus Areas

The SACN’s Inclusive Cities Programme of the South African Cities Network (SACN) aims to redress the past developmental imbalances by focusing on:

Land lies at the heart of all the desired changes in cities.  Land use management speaks to the regulations that apply to the way land is used and developed in built environments. 


This programme area looks at what it means to create well-planned human settlements that meet cities’ our developmental needs and improve people’s willingness to cooperate with one another.  

This field of study looks at people’s ability to move from one place to another. This may include mobility to and from home,  to work, school, or social spaces.