• Productive Cities

Productive Cities

Productive cities are able to reap the urban dividend, or the spin-offs that occur when people, capital, institutions and markets converge in one place. This geographical proximity and concentration of skilled people result in knowledge spill-overs, enhance competitiveness and provide better connectivity to markets. Cities have to make plans and decisions about their own growth and investments, to make the most of their opportunities to create wealth and employment.

Cities and city-regions are increasingly being seen as the drivers of regional and national economic competitiveness and development. This is particularly the case when services and manufacturing dominate the economy., like in South Africa. The challenge for cities is whether  the local economy can provide the majority of residents with opportunities to make a reasonable living.

SACN's Productive Cities programme looks at ways in which cities can boost their economic competitiveness, focusing on economic growth, job creation and infrastructure investment.

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