For cities to achieve their developmental objectives, they require collective action by diverse stakeholder groups. An all-of-society approach, where all urban actors participate in a meaningful and inclusive way in how cities are developed and managed, is needed to effectively create cities that work for everyone; cities that are well-governed, productive, inclusive, sustainable, resilient and innovative.


The South African Cities Network (SACN) is calling all-of-society (communities, the youth, civil society organisations, labour, academia, and the private sector) to give voice to how best our cities can enhance trust and openness with all stakeholders towards building the social capital and common purpose necessary to craft local solutions to the challenges cities face.


Join us on any of the following three days, 16th, 17th or 18th March, to give voice to your ideas and opinions. To take key points forward and discuss these in more detail, each day we will have plenary and breakaway sessions with the following themes: Well-Governed Cities, Productive Cities, Inclusive-Cities, Sustainable and Resilient Cities and Innovation.


The objectives of this webinar series are to:

  • To gather all-of-society perspectives and experiences on city development
  • To generate research that empowers cities to work better