Confronting our Traumas

30 July 2021

“Trauma can be a tool for transformation”


Nozipho Tshabalala’s session was about having courageous conversations to confront our traumas. She grew up during the height of apartheid and political violence in KwaZulu-Natal and experienced trauma and separation from her family during her childhood. Her journey including dealing with identity trauma, as she was forced to oscillate between identities to survive. She has built her career around her experiences and is confronting what it means to be trauma-informed. In her work of facilitating conversations, she uses trauma as a tool and believes that that conversation is the birthplace of action, so long we do not get caught up in cyclical conversations.


Nozipho Tshabalala is the CEO of The Conversation Strategists and is dedicated to helping smart people, have simple conversations that make the world a better place.