Deep Ink Community

KwaMashu, Durban

Deep Ink Community Centre is a youth development organisation based in KwaMashu, Durban. The Centre aims to be a one-stop shop for youth-related needs in the community it serves. Established in 2018, it continuously offers several initiatives directly and indirectly.



  • Initiatives that focus on the creation of safe spaces for youth, academic improvement, development through sport, a feeding scheme, substance-use support, personal and community safety, job creation, entrepreneurship, mental health, gender-based violence, support to unemployed tertiary graduates.
  • A team of thirteen dedicated community volunteers focused on administration and project implementation.



  • Core stakeholder group and primary beneficiaries: youth in Kwamashu, Durban
  • Public sector: eThekwini Municipality, Kwazulu-Natal Rapid Response Team
  • Members of the public