In cities, people are physically close to each other but often have differences. Bridging distances between people is difficult and uncomfortable, but is essential for achieving inclusive cities – and society. Artists add to the cultural fabric of cities and society. They are able to hold up a mirror to society that reflects difficult realities and to tell stories that speak to citizens and their experiences, so that people can become aware of the changes that need to take place.  


The D I S T A N C E was run by 9th Street, a community of multidisciplinary Jewish artists based in Johannesburg. It followed on from previous works where art was used to invigorate parks and the abandoned synagogues around them. A free event was held in Patterson Park that brought together multidisciplinary artists to create performances in public.  


New company of performers who all want to work together again, hopefully for an audience, as a collective of artists adding to the cultural fabric of Johannesburg. 


Alignment with IUDF 

Inclusive and Access: together, Jews and non-Jews can work together to build a city and society that is inclusive and resilient. 



Civil society: organisers/volunteers (Leigh Nudelman, Caryn Katz, Farryl Roth); videos/photos/editing (Alon Cohen, Ayanda Mujii Ngema, Anele Khoza, Moshe Singer); performers (Anderson Barroso de Oliveira, Gabriella Blumberg, Ilanit Shapiro Furman, Kendal Petersen, Meagan Connolly, Myer Taub, Sean Redpath (Performer); musicians (Tim Parr, Makhwenkwanle Phanya, Carlos Dje Dje, Yael Lerato Gavronsky, Frank Malepe); security (Simon Ramara); Orange Grove Hebrew Congregation.