Exotically Divine Pulse: African Cause Meal

Slovo Park informal settlement, between Crosby and Coronationville, Johannesburg

Exotically Divine Pulse is a non-profit organization in Johannesburg that (1) provides plant-based African food education to communities with the intention of reconnecting African people with their food heritage and mainstreaming African foods; (2) promotes community wellness, self-sufficiency and income generation through the establishment of community gardens; and (3) introduces innovative urban waste management solutions by showing the value of garden waste for agricultural purposes and as a commodity in the city.



  • S’ganga La project: helping communities to turn their dump sites into thriving community gardens
  • Waste to Art programme: workshops are run with youth to create vertical gardens from plastic waste from their surroundings.
  • The African Cause Meal: an immersive educational experience delivering a resilient gardening workshop, preparation of vegetarian African foods with communities, and education on different African vegetables through play and conversation. Exotically Divine Pulse ran an African Cause Meal for Slovo Park youth at the Slovo Park Youth Desk site from Friday, 31 March until Sunday, 2 April 2023.



  • Communities
  • Exotically Divine Pulse team
  • Members of the public