Tshwane House is the City of Tshwane Headquarters situated in the centre of Pretoria. The building has been designed with operational performance in mind and has thus achieved a Green Star 5 rating for its design. This project is part of the City of Tshwane’s broader sustainability agenda and forms part of the city’s journey and commitment to environmental sustainability, leading by example by designing and building green and energy-efficient buildings. This is in response to environmental concerns related to greenhouse gas emissions in the built environment. According to the city’s 2015/16 Greenhouse gas inventory, Tshwane emits about 40% more emissions per capita compared to the global average. Climate change is a current-day reality in Tshwane, and evidence from the Climate Risk and Vulnerability Assessment (CRVA) indicates that average temperatures have increased by 1.8 degrees Celsius since 1960 and there are more dry days per year and flash floods have increased. In order to reduce carbon emissions by 80% by 2050 existing and new buildings will be required to use the least amount of electricity possible, conserve water, minimise waste and enhance biodiversity.