I Am Active Campaign

I Am Active Campaign

The “I Am Active’’ campaign poses the question: “Are you happy with the performance of your municipality?”. The I Am active campaign is an extension of Dear South African which is a civil society movement encouraging public participation to help shape government. The DearSA team regularly works through the responses received through their social media platform, which channels the problems with proposed solutions to the relevant committee member/s. This is an ongoing campaign which can also serve as a platform for upstanding individuals that wish to partake in individual electoral processes.


DearSA would also like to increase the functionality of the I am Active campaign throughout communities across South Africa to improve the municipal systems by letting the voices of the community be heard to assist in shaping the municipal performance.


“We want to see change in the communities but most of all we want individuals to be involved and become active citizens of South Africa. We aim to encourage citizens to engage in their municipality thus creating pride within them as we bridge the gap between the communities and the municipality. The trust built through this process is defiantly why we continue doing what we do.”


Thank you to Rob Hutchinson for submitting this Good Hood Story.


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