Keep Ekurhuleni Clean

Keep Ekurhuleni Clean

This project seeks to keep the City of Ekurhuleni clean, through various initiatives such as litter picking, illegal dumping removal, and management, maintenance and rendering of comprehensive cleaning services including the transportation and disposal of waste.


Awareness about waste management and recycling is spread by ensuring that communities are educated on the importance of the separation of recyclables at source in each household as recycling helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions by reducing energy consumption.


The project also records all recycling materials collected by recyclers, organises 26 clean up campaigns in each region for the period of 3 years and supports food gardening projects as community gardens can help reduce negative environmental impacts such as reducing food transportation costs and reducing water runoff by promoting sustainable agriculture.


The Keep Ekurhuleni Clean Programme is turning illegal dumping of waste within the City into jobs for the community, and in particular targeting Women, Youth, and people living with disabilities.


Keep Ekurhuleni Clean Programme is about cleaning the entire City of Ekurhuleni whilst promoting social cohesion and preservation of the environment.


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City of Ekurhuleni



Environmental Resource and Waste Management Department, Community Members, Ward Councillors