Langa Bicycle Hub

Langa Bicycle Hub

In March 2020, the Langa Bicycle Hub was initially established to deliver essential items to residents during the first hard lockdown, but its aim is to encourage the community of Langa – especially women and children – to use bicycles, as a safe, cost-effective mode of transport. Its offering includes “bicycle brigades” that escort convoys of commuters, bicycle repair services and bicycle rentals.


The Langa Bicycle Hub hosts cycling events and works with community organisations to improve the livelihoods and safety of the community. The Hub provides bicycles to the Langa Safety Patrol, a community policing group of volunteers, and services bicycles used by Cloudy Deliveries, a local food delivery service.


The project demonstrates that partnerships can create a wider impact on the project work, especially in townships where access to resources is limited.


What has been achieved

  • Widespread community awareness and recognition, following a Bicycle Awareness Day event, which was held in collaboration with stakeholders to discuss cycling safety, infrastructure and promote cycling as a form of transport in Langa.
  • The Langa Bicycle Hub has established relationships with officials from the City of Cape Town and participates in city meetings to discuss local cycling infrastructure for improved mobility.
  • A solidified partnership with the Langa Taxi Rank, to share more on cycling safety.
  • The Langa Bicycle Hub is a stakeholder and tenant at the Sports Complex in Langa (with assistance from Sub-Council 15) and has secured space at the still-to-be-built Pump Track.
  • A growing database and network of volunteers who assist with daily activities and hosting events.


Alignment with IUDF

  • Inclusion and access: promoting non-motorised transport and improving access to services and opportunities.
  • Growth: supporting economic activity and youth economic inclusion, through cycling-based services and working with Cloudy Deliveries.
  • Governance: facilitating multistakeholder collaborations to shape the development of local spaces.



Langa Safety Patrol

Cloudy Deliveries

Taxi Association

Pedal Power

Ben Bikes

City of Cape Town Sub-Council 15

Langa Sports Complex

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