Langa Bicycle Hub

Langa Bicycle Hub

The Langa Bicycle Hub offers a range of bike-related services including helping people learn how to ride, collecting old damaged bicycle materials, and building bicycles suitable for gravel and flooded roads in informal settlements. This hub will also be a home to fix wheelchairs and to enable vulnerable and disabled people in informal settlements to use bicycles too.


“The Langa Bicycle Hub is a home for all cycling needs to improve mobility. We aim to use bicycles as a form of transport and community building in Langa. We want to see more women and children on bicycles.”


This project is a collaboration to positively influence the community of Langa while providing access to a sustainable and affordable form of transport. Let’s celebrate this great achievement!



Thank you to Mzikhona Mgedle for the submission!


For more information about Langa Bicycle Club, click here



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