Love Our City Klean (LOCK) Recycling HUB

Love Our City Klean (LOCK) Recycling HUB

The Love Our City Klean (LOCK) Recycling Hub educates the community about recycling and “separation at source” and opens weekly collection days of recyclables. Members get points for their recyclable materials which can then be used at the community Swop Shop every Friday to shop for essentials such as food, clothes, toiletries, etc. The recyclable material collected is used to beautify the area through “Trash to Art” projects and other upcycling initiatives.


The project was launched with the aim to give access to food to the community during lockdown level 5. However, there was such good response to the project that it will be continuing and advising other communities to launch more hubs.


Thank you to Zwelihle Magwaza for submitting this Good Hood Story.


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Love Our City Klean, Makers Valley Partnership supported by Nandos, Victoria Yards and other organisations.