South African cities are among the most unequal urban centres in the world. There is an enormous need to connect urban spaces and improve living environments in deprived areas. It falls on municipalities to ensure that all inhabitants reap the benefits of urban living. Through the Edendale Town Centre urban plan, Msunduzi seeks to create a new modern precinct that is fairer and inclusive to redress poor spatial location and overcome the spatial poverty trap that exists.


The defined town centre will be a focal point to the rapidly developing area of Edendale. It is a brownfields development that improves and complements the built environment. The town centre will add to existing industrial and commercial uses and improve the physical environment by better integrating and connecting use, by adding new facilities and by beautifying the town centre. It will provide improved facilities to stimulate and support the vibrant informal economy. It will be a mixed-use zone that incorporates existing thriving spaces such as the Edendale Mall, whilst providing for a government precinct, mixed-use housing, new commercial and retail, and new public services. New transportation methods such as the Bus Rapid Transit System will move commuters to and from the town centre and the greater Pietermaritzburg area.