Inclusive Cities 2009

South African cities continue to be marked by high levels

of inequality and inadequate infrastructure, development

and maintenance. The challenge is to ensure that
policy and programmatic interventions promote inclusion
by facilitating increased access by the poor to decent
employment, improved residential opportunities and

universal access to social facilities.
Ultimately, such measures should promote the sense
that all urban residents are part of the city, and have a
stake in its future, rather than being relegated to the


This 2nd edition of SACN’s Inclusive Cities Report

highlights the range of urban development and management
challenges that must be faced in creating truly inclusive
cities that provide socio-economic opportunities and an
improved quality of life for all
The articles in this Report explore selected inclusive city
topics in detail. These include job creation, food security,
urban renewal in townships, urban land markets and land
use management. Some of the articles are compiled from
knowledge-generation projects undertaken by the SACN
during the past year; and some have been written by leading

thinkers in contemporary urban management.