Infrastructure Dialogues 2015

The Infrastructure Dialogues is a high-level platform for stakeholders in the infrastructure sector to discuss and share their views. The value of the Dialogues is enhanced when senior leaders and managers from government, the private sector and civil society continue the conversation once the event itself is over. Each Dialogue is recorded so that interested people who have not been able to attend in person are able to read a report of the proceedings and join in the conversation. This Compendium of the Infrastructure Dialogues 2015 is a distillation of those conversations, presenting the key themes and identifying issues that preoccupy all who are constructively involved in improving South Africa’s infrastructure. Featured in this compendium are three themes for 2015 dialogues namely:

  • Water and Sanitation: Municipal Water and Sanitation Infrastructure
  • Pricing and paying for municipal rates and charges
  • Towards Sustainable African Cities