Move the City 2035 – Minibus Taxi Scenarios

This report is based on the outcomes of a scenarios exercise hosted by the South African Cities Network (SACN) that brought together mobility thought leaders from national government, the cities, the minibus taxi industry and civil society in two workshops to explore the possibilities for collaboration between South Africa’s cities and minibus taxi industry with a focus on innovation, service improvement and integration of the industry with other public transport modes. The report explores the major global and local trends affecting the future of public transport and assesses the potential of technology, leadership, incentives, regulatory reform and other interventions to improve service quality, safety and efficiency in the minibus taxi industry and its integration with other parts of the public transport system. The scenarios – plausible alternative stories about the possible future of the minibus taxi industry in relation to public transport – highlight both the possibilities of bold action as well as the dangers of complacency. The intention is to help initiate a deeper dialogue between the industry, the cities and other stakeholders about how the industry can be improved and better aligned within an integrated, commuter-centric public
transport system.