New Provincial Planning Legislation in South African Cities

New Provincial Planning Legislation in South African Cities: Understanding from the Reform Process


The South African Cities Network (SACN) wishes to use the experience of the KZN PDA as the lens through which to examine the implications and the lessons to be learnt from the introduction of provincial planning and development legislation across the country, focusing on the extent to which such legislation is able to contribute to spatial transformation. The core objectives for this study include assessing the impact of the introduction of the Act on the spatial transformation of municipal spaces, the decision making processes across the local and provincial sphere of government, and private and public sector development. This will involve a consideration of the resource and capacity requirements for the effective implementation of the Act and the functioning of the KZN PDA Forum. Key lessons learned will be highlighted to inform the process of formulating legislation in other provinces.


This entails assessing the functioning of the PDA at the provincial level and at least at the two major municipalities of Msunduzi and eThekwini, mapping planning processes including the structures, institutions and the related personnel requirements and capacity levels, assessing general perceptions of the impact and dynamics emerging from the introduction of the KZNPDA, consolidating available material in relation to the KZN PDA, conducting an assessment of the variation in provincial planning legislative models used, specifically examining the Western Cape, Gauteng, Free State and the Eastern Cape and preparing a set of key recommendations for further consideration.