Strategic Framework To Enhance Built Environment Integration

The initial focus of the Strategic Framework development process related to the development of a framework and implementation guidelines to ready Metro’s for the eventuality of a devolved human settlements function, off a premise that the devolution of human settlements could act as a catalyst for built environment integration at a Metro level. However, there is inherent uncertainty as to whether or when devolution would actually take place, a decision not in the control of Metro’s.


Due to this uncertainty and the narrow focus of human settlements as one of at least nine other related built environment functions, the project evolved into a broader but more controllable focus on how Metro’s could better respond to the built environment through enhanced integration and coordination of all the built environment functions for which they are already responsible, not restricted to one sector or function – towards the spatial transformation of cities, as envisioned by the NDP, 2030.


Therefore, the objective of the project was to take a pragmatic, operational view of the role of the Metro’s in guiding and enabling integrated spatial interventions that will result in transformed urban areas with more equitable, just and sustainable access to cities. This included a review of the necessary administrative and technical arrangements within local government, as well as the approach to the coordination of the relevant actors involved in an integrated built environment function.