Sustainable Public Transport: Overview Report

SACN put together a learning theme titled Sustainable Public Transport. The CSIR was contracted to provide technical inputs and co-ordination support with a view to convening a high-level group of transport managers and practitioners from the member cities, other spheres of government, civil society, labour and the private sector. This learning focus took the form of a seminar that allowed public transport and environmental officials from the member cities to consider international leading practice in community-led transport solutions and public transport mega-projects. This report provides a theoretical and practical overview that covers both these topics.


In selecting priority learning topics for 2008/09, the 9 member cities of the SA Cities Network were unanimous in selecting public transport as a key challenge for local government. This is partly because public transport is a priority service commitment for the 2010 FIFA World Cup; partly because significantly more public funding resources are being directed towards public transport; and partly because municipalities around the world are still searching for more sustainable public transport solutions. We do not have all the answers yet. Public transport is a key sector (along with human settlements and land use management) in the built environment suite of functions that should be clearly assigned to city administrations if we are to achieve the urban integration policy objectives.