Training for Township Renewal Initiative 2009

The Training for Township Renewal Initiative (TTRI) is a joint project of the National
Treasury, the Department of Provincial and Local Government and the South
African Cities Network. The project has received assistance from the
FinMark Trust, Urban Landmark and the Development Bank of Southern Africa.


The purpose of this initiative is to promote and support development
and renewal in South Africa’s townships, where some 40 per cent of the country’s
urban population resides. The initiative centres on training, helping to build
local expertise to conceptualise, design and implement township development
projects countrywide.


The Township Renewal Sourcebook is the foundation material for all
practitioners entering the TTRI programme.
While TTRI products are developed primarily for an audience of public sector

officials with post-matric qualification, the Sourcebook has been designed as

a practical tool that is readily accessible to a nontechnical audience.