Sha’p Left Primary Health Care Hub

Sha’p Left Primary Health Care Hub

Sha’p Left is a containerised healthcare hub designed to provide accessible, affordable primary health care to low-income earners in a busy, inner-city downtown area in Bellville, secondary city to Cape Town. Around 45 million people rely on an overburdened state healthcare system. There is a need for innovative, affordable, accessible, healthcare alternatives for urban low-income earners. The Greater Tygerberg Partnership partnered with Cipla Foundation to install a fully-fitted, mobile healthcare hub at one of the busiest public transport interchanges in the country.


Constructed from repurposed shipping containers, the hub was operational within two weeks once permits had been granted and the site had been prepared. The centre offers convenient, affordable and accessible primary healthcare to commuters and residents, with an eyecare clinic, chronic medication dispensary and nursing centre. Its convenient location means that patients may visit on their way to or from work, eliminating the need to queue at their local clinics and potentially lose out on income in the process. The centre also enables job creation for the nursing staff who run the centre as a business. Within the first four months of operation, the centre had served around 3000 patients.


This project is an example of how the public sector can work together with the private sector to achieve shared goals and is an example of best practice urban management and innovation in healthcare. The Sha’p Left Hub in Bellville shows how innovative thinking and partnerships can meet not only the objectives of the stakeholders involved, but also the needs of the people who need affordable, accessible healthcare the most.


Thank you to Hilary Alexander (again!) for submitting this Good Hood Story.


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