Tafelsig Place Making

The City of Cape Town’s Municipal Spatial Development Framework identifies Tafelsig as a cultural precinct. Our Future Cities aimed to create a community-led placemaking initiative through tactical urbanism in Tafelsig, though community arts engagements, urban greening and the revitalisation of two key public spaces in the precinct.


A workshop was held with the objective of creating a community-based placemaking toolkit, in order to address the needs of marginalised communities in the area, and to implement multiple flexible small-scale interventions to activate the public space. The objective of the Tafelsig Beautification Initiative was to create valuable public space through redesigning and greening a park.


The project demonstrates that creating beautiful public spaces does not require huge budgets. All it takes is the community coming together to improve the space – “with community initiative and a plan, you are already halfway there”.


What has been achieved

  • Redesign of the public space by two team architects
  • Sourcing of donations for the project, from the V&A Waterfront, Trees SA, ROCLA and PPC 3, among others.
  • Preparation of the site for landscaping by contractors from the local community.
  • Painting of the walls surrounding the park by community members.
  • Creation of a mural by a local artist.
  • Construction and painting of four benches with the help of the community.
  • Planting of a tree and other plants, to green the area.
  • A clearly delineated public park characterised by colour, art, seating, shade and greenery.


Alignment with IUDF

Spatial integration: collaboration across various disciplines and members of the target community. Inclusion and access: creating common spaces and forums, community participation in public placemaking.

Growth: opportunities to create jobs for local community members in placemaking, using the EPWP

Governance: democratisation of public space by community-led decision-making and dialogue, and establishment of a network of city officials, multi-disciplinary specialists and community members with the common interest in developing public spaces in Tafelsig.



Government: ward councillor

Civil Society: community in Tafelsig; Our Future Cities (NGO)

Business: donations from V&A Waterfront, Trees SA, ROCLA and PPC 3