That’ezakho Women’s Gardening Project

That’ezakho Women’s Gardening Project

This community garden was started by 10 unemployed women to help improve food security and environmental protection. They identified a vacant land parcel that had been used as an illegal dumping site to cultivate the garden. Each member of the garden was allocated a strip of land to grow vegetables and crops and together they share gardening tools, seeds and skills. While some of the women are eager to generate an income from this initiative, most of what is harvested is consumed by their individual households. In addition, this project contributes to local job creation by employing the youth to help with the garden.


“This project makes me feel proud of my city because it displays and advocates for active citizenship. The women identified issues in their community and instantly sought to alleviate them. This is largely done without government collaboration yet the initiative is thriving.”


Thank you to Inolofatseng Lekaba for submitting this Good Hood Story.



City of Joburg



10 women and one man from the Braamfischerville community. They are interested in partnering with the city’s waste management and agricultural departments.