The Brixton Light Festival

The Brixton Light Festival

The Brixton Festival is a community festival of lights and celebration by Brixtonites for Brixtonites. It took place as a (socially distanced) lantern procession, craft market and recycled light-themed costume parade in December 2020.


“Recently, we hosted our first ever Brixton Light Festival, a roaring success with a mega (yet responsibly masked) turnout that made my heart swell. Stalls, fairy lights, music and merrymaking ‘highlighted’ by a colourful light parade featuring a dancing dragon, our local reclaimer heroes and their pimped-out trollies, recycled costumes, characters and eco-activist performers from the Well Worn Theatre Company, surrounded by dozens of deliriously happy flag-yielding local kids having the time of their lives in a safe environment. The whole thing was organised, set up and then taken down by dedicated Brixies. Splitbeam sponsored lights and sound to the value of thousands of Rands and Fried Wilsenach and numerous other volunteers were the elves behind the scenes that made just about everything happen.” From A Little Love Story By Bruce J Little


Thank you to Sophia Welz and Bruce J. Little for submitting this Good Hood Story and for sharing Bruce’s beautiful story: A Little Love Story


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