Too Greenish Movement

South Hills, Johannesburg

 The Too Greenish Movement mobilises and connects the youth, the elderly and others in South Hills, Johannesburg, who are unable to access opportunities and resources due to their circumstances. Through ad hoc campaigns, initiatives and projects, the Movement responds to community challenges and connects people to opportunities and resources. It also links funders and beneficiaries and organises proactive activities that contribute to well-being and the provision of community services.



  • Establishment of a community garden involving the elderly
  • Improving food security, health and creating livelihood improvement opportunities
  • Offering a photography course to school-going youth and community members.



  • Core stakeholder group and primary beneficiary: the community of South Hills.
  • Collaboration on a needs basis with other movements and organisations engaged in similar work either directly or indirectly. This includes the Congress of South African Trade Union (COSATU) Youth.