Vukani COVID-19 Response

Vukani COVID-19 Response

The Vukani project promotes education and awareness on the dangers of Covid-19 in Sebokeng, Emfuleni with the goal of decreasing the rate of new infections.


“The organisation saw the increase in numbers of new Covid-19 infections in the community and took an initiative to stop the spread on the virus. The organisation realized the community is facing unsettled times of Covid-19 and is impacting our personal and professional lives, and those that we love. We wish our communities a safe passage through this difficult time. We would like our community to take care, stay positive and find some time for having fun and smiling. It is challenging under current Covid-19 restrictions; however, we are confident we will get through this, together with the community.”


Thank you to Lucky Morosi for submitting this Good Hood Story.



Sebokeng, Emfuleni Municipality



Agang Sechaba Social Housing Institute and community organisations