About Healing Fields







Healing Fields is about the collective. Bringing together people from all the various walks of life to be still and intentional in starting to understand the existence of trauma and its impact in the way the everyday life is perceived and experienced. As Healing fields has been conceptualised, some observations have been made. Technology has amplified trauma, as information has become easily accessible, the rate of receiving global trauma has escalated exponentially. This has made it difficult to be still and process life as it’s happening. Without this opportunity to process, there is numbness which is out of touch with intelligence of the body. We have tried to contain these traumas through various mechanisms that amplify their impact. However, Healing Fields provides the opportunity to see that when the container is large enough, complexities becomes simple.

The work for Healing Fields comes in the midst of a global pandemic which has amplified many traumas and challenges to people’s health and wellbeing. In South Africa, the effects of an already troubled society are felt from the essence of people’s homes all the way to the spatial and societal divide that continues to exist. It is said that after a traumatic experience, the human system of self-preservation seems to go onto permanent alert, as if the danger might return at any moment. Living in this way leaves people in constant fear and uncertainty, troubled with reconciling events of the past while trying while experiencing the same hardships in the present. Trauma has become a co-investment with collective scar tissue from trauma we have inflicted on each other. These are not sole experiences, but rather, soul experiences, shared in the collective and searching for healing, through the collective.

The main intention for Healing Fields is to bring a sense of presencing and breath. Taking deliberate opportunities to calm the nervous system and connecting to intelligence through self and through nature. It is about embracing the silence and listening to how restoration and a sense of healing can take place. Healing is a continuous journey rather than a destination. The Healing Fields journey requires a sense of dedication to show up and hold space for self and the collective, remembering to keep a safe space for sharing and discussion. Through weekly engagements, participants will come into a shared virtual space and be taken through meditation and presencing conversations that work towards acknowledging the discomforts that arise and how they can be consciously considered.