Helenvale Safety and Peace through Urban Upgrading (SPUU)

Helenvale Safety and Peace through Urban Upgrading (SPUU)

The Helenvale SPUU is a multi-disciplinary programme consisting of both infrastructure and socio-economic projects aimed at increasing safety and peace in the community of Helenvale. The project is based on a partnership approach with the local community.

There are 5 components to the programme together contributing to a holistic and integrated response to safety: Improved safety of public spaces and community facilities; Safer schools, in partnership with the community; Domestic violence prevention; Improved housing; and Improved employment opportunities for youth.

The project has shown that anything is possible if communities are engaged to be the drivers of their own development. The SPUU project has undoubtedly been a transformation project for the Mandela Bay Development Agency (MBDA) and the city. In the 17 years as an organisation the MBDA has never embarked on a more complex, integrated infrastructure and socio – economic project in the urban upgrading space.


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The Mandela Bay Development Agency, The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality, KFW (German Development Bank), the Helenvale Community representative structures