Expanded Public Works Programme: Progress Report

The SACN EPWP programme and associated reference group was established in collaboration with the Department of Public Works after a study that was conducted, to assess the potential of the nine cities in the network to contribute to the EPWP. It was jointly recognized that SACN members are in a position to lead innovation towards the implementation of the EPWP at the local government level. As such it was decided to establish the SACN EPWP Reference Group.


The reference group consists of the key officials in the cities who are responsible for the implementation of the EPWP in their respective cities. As such the focus of the reference group is very practical, dealing with questions relating to implementation. It allows officials to share experiences, knowledge and innovations with regards to implementating some of the aspects of EPWP.


Over the past seven years since the end of 2004, the SACN has together with the Department of Public Works ensured that the reference group meets regularly. Through this reference group, DPW has been able to engage with all the nine cities simultaneously and also discuss progress and common concerns with regards to the implementation of the EPWP. Furthermore the reference group also provides a forum to discuss and share knowledge and best practices among the cities and between cities and their national counterparts.