SOCR 2016

South African cities as effective drivers of local and national development” is the theme of the fourth edition of the SoCR. It is the product of the accumulated wisdom of five years of knowledge generation and engagement by the SACN and the broader fraternity of urban development practitioners, scholars and analysts. The report’s aim is to improve our understanding of the role of cities and what is required to ensure their success.

2016 State of Cities Report (Full Version)

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SOCR 2016 People’s Guide

SOCR 2016 Full Report


The State of South African Cities 2004: introduction.

Social trends and the inclusive city

City population trends

Economic trends & the productive city

Urban environment trends and the sustainable city


State of Cities 2011 report

Lessons from the State of the Cities reporting process (2010/11)

Good practice guide and toolkit for State of the Cities reporting (2008)

State of Cities 2006 report